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Ysselvliedt stud

Ysselvliedt stud

We would like to welcome you to the Ysselvliedt welsh pony stud website.

A Welsh pony world is open to you !

Ysselvliedt - Dutch Welsh pony breeders of the year in 2002 & 2008.

We of the Ysselvliedt stud started breeding Welsh ponies in 1964. My father, Henk Zoet, bought his first Welsh pony Criban Mattie in that year, the start of a stud now grown to approximately 150 ponies. Many successful ponies have passed through our stud including Criban Pep, Revel Busch, Tetworth Icarus, Hever Piazza, Whatton Copper Beech, Constantin, Ruthley Wild Jute, Baledon Jerimiah, Sunwillow Isola, Revel Jeeves and many others. Passion for the Welsh pony by Henk Zoet and his son Harold put the Ysselvliedt stud on the map at a National and International level.

In 1999 Harold was married to Yvette, having met each other through Welsh ponies. Yvette was also infected with the Welsh bug and is very successful in the show ring especially with the section B stallion Glansevin Graffiti and the section A stallion Rookery Jackpot, but also with various combinations of leading rein ponies and riders. When father Henk sadly past away in 2004, Harold and Yvette carried on the Ysselvliedt stud and built it up to the stud that it is today. Strong in the rearing of potential stallions, they have a wide selection of carefully selected breeding stallions and a herd of successful broodmares, almost all of which have been bred on the Ysselvliedt stud.

International successes for the Ysselvliedt stud include: Ysselvliedt's Special Edition, Ysselvliedt's Golden Boy, Ysselvliedt Heyday's Pride, Ysselvliedts Sven, Ysselvliedts Highguy, Powys (NL) Shon, Wharley Pioneer, Keizers Hoeks Fons, Vechtzichts Hywel's, Glansevin Graffiti. Hywel and Graffiti have also won many big shows in Great Britain included twice at the world renowned Royal Welsh Show.

At National level, the following graded stallions have also been very successful Ysselvliedts Joskin Ysselvliedts Primeur, Harold, Sven, Highguy, Special Edition, Silver Line, Fabian, Victory, Shy Rebel, Golden Boy, Ahy Charmer,Superted and Yavenduma.

Many regional and national champion titles have also been won by the following mares Ysselvliedt's Superstar, Serri, Helena, Silhouette, Shirley, Stefanie, Victoria, Beatrix, Nanna Ni, Shy Rose, Naomi, Ilona, Irene, Iris and many others.

In 2002 Henk Zoet was chosen by the Dutch breeders as Dutch Breeder of the Year and in 2008 this title was awarded to the second generation of the Ysselvliedt stud, Harold & Yvette. Besides being serious breeders of ponies, the Ysselvliedt stud usually has a wide selection of Welsh ponies for sale in the various sections, colours and levels of riding and driving.

Looking for a Welsh pony? You might be able to find it at Ysselvliedt stud.Have we aroused your curiosity?

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On behalf of Team Ysselvliedt, Yvette, Harold, Anwen & Elaine Zoet


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